Provide your music for audio-visual use and get fair compensation! Get your music placed in movies, video games, TV, radio, and online commercials.

Share your music & get paid

Sync Licensing Music

Grant the rights to use your music in movies, social media, podcasts, TV spots, and corporate videos from the best brands and filmmakers all over the world. Offer your music for commercial use and get fairly paid for it!

Business music background with your tracks

In-Store Music

Diversify your income and reach a bigger audience by placing your music on our radios for in-store restaurants, stores, and more than 20.000 commercial spaces worldwide.


Key benefits

Get your Creator Pass & benefit from rewards!

Become one of the select group of artists and audio creators who’ll benefit from our full range of Winamp services in 2022, and get discovered by the large community of Winamp listeners.  There are amazing rewards for you:
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② One year of FREE access to all services;
③ Exclusive and limited llama artwork;
④ Chance to participate in our exclusive 25th-anniversary contest.

Creators services

Discover your future revenues

  • Fanzone

    Let your most engaged fans support you directly via a monthly membership, which will also build you a recurring source of income. The Fanzone is an innovative way to connect with those who really care about you.

    Build meaningful relationships with your true fan
  • Youtube Content ID

    Generate royalties from YouTube videos that use your content without your consent. Gain valuable insight into how your music is used on YouTube while monetizing every single use of your content.

    Protect against & monetize any unauthorized use of your tracks
  • Copyright Management

    A new, accessible, intuitive copyright management solution for all songwriters and beatmakers. Unlock supplementary income on top of your digital distribution revenues.

    Music Copyright Management made simple

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