Youtube Content ID

Protect & monetize any unauthorized use of your tracks on YouTube.

What's this?

We find which videos are using your music on Youtube, for your monetization.

Get valuable insights on how your music is used on YouTube and obtain full control over your tracks in videos!  You will be able to decide whether to block, monetize or track those videos that use your music. Moreover, you will have oversight on who uses your content and how it’s used.


How does it work?

Simply tell us for which tracks you would like us to review your royalties.

We send your tracks to YouTube’s team, who will put a fingerprint on them. The tracks will be analyzed and identified through a unique series of digits: musical DNA! With this fingerprint, YouTube Content ID can identify your music anywhere it appears on the platform.

Whenever there is a match (an identification), the video creator will receive a “Copyright Infringement Notification”. This claim triggers the addition of adverts to the video in question (you have probably seen them while streaming on YouTube). The revenues from these ads will go to you!

Why with Winamp?

With Winamp, you’ll get 100% of the revenues from this service – which means we’ll get 0%.

YouTube grants Content ID with strict policies for eligibility (only to copyright owners who meet specific criteria). Therefore we are here to help you and manage everything for you!



Key benefits

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