We are completely transparent about the percentage of the revenue you will get with each service.

Pricing & Revenues

50€ /year 50€, or $55 outside the Eurozone, per year, excl. taxes

Subscribe before May 15th 2023 and get your first year for free.

Join as Creator
  • Fanzone

    Creator revenues
    We collect a 15% fee from the revenues you receive from your fans' monthly subscriptions.
  • Distribution

    Creator revenues
    We collect a 12,5% fee from the revenues generated through Digital Services Providers (e.g. Spotify, SoundCloud, etc.).
  • Copyright Management

    Creator revenues
    With our partner BRIDGER, you get 90% of the copyright royalties accrued from streaming and downloads, free of any administrative costs.
  • Licensing

    Creator revenues
    to be announced
    Coming soon
  • NFTs

    Creator revenues
    To be announced
    Coming soon
Key benefits

All the services creators need in a single app

The Winamp Subscription gives you access to all of our services:

  • Fanzone features for Creators
  • Licensing
  • YouTube content ID
  • Copyright Collection
  • Distribution
Winamp wallet

A convenient way to get paid on Winamp

You’ll be able to monitor all financial flows from our services in your centralized Winamp wallet. Once at least 100 currency units have accumulated in your wallet, you will be able to start withdrawing this revenue.

Get your Creator Pass & benefit from rewards!

Become one of the select group of artists and audio creators who’ll benefit in 2022 from our full range of Winamp services, and get discovered by the large community of Winamp listeners. There are amazing rewards for you:
① Early onboarding on Winamp for Creators, in 2022;
② One-year FREE access to all services;
③ Exclusive & limited llama artwork;
④ Chance to participate in our exclusive 25th-anniversary contest.

Help center

We are here to answer your questions!

Is the subscription really free for my first year?

Yes, the first year is completely free; nothing to pay. You have to enter your payment information to activate the subscription. (We just want to make sure it’s you)

Do I keep all my music rights if I distribute it using Winamp?

Yes, all rights to your music belong to you. Winamp will not own these rights, but you have to grant us the necessary licenses according to Winamp’s General Terms of Use.