Discover the Fanzone

A unique way for musicians to relate more meaningfully to their fans while offering creators the opportunity to benefit from a monthly, recurring membership.

Fanzone for Creators

  • Engage more directly with your most dedicated fans.
  • Discover new ways to generate income from your music.
  • Take your power back – no need to fight for streams – and get supported for who you are.
  • Get statistics from your listeners.
  • And more to come…
Creator Pass
Fanzone for Creators

Fanzone for Listeners

  • Keep up with all your favorite radio stations and podcasts in one place.
  • Support the creators you love; you know where your money goes.
  • Benefit from exclusive content from them and find out new things about them.
  • Interact directly with those who inspire you.
  • And more to come…
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Fanzone for Listeners

Build a recurring revenue

Stop running after streams you cannot control. There is one thing you can control: the quality of your relationship with your true fans. Engage with them like never before and allow them to support you directly via a monthly membership.

Stay in control

Create content because it’s what matters to you and your fans, not because it’s trendy and will help you get playlisted. Take back your power, decide what to create, and get supported for who you really are.

A unique way to engage with your fans

Set up different subscription tiers and define the exclusive rewards your fans will receive for each tier. Benefit from a personalized and direct way to interact with them to build more meaningful relationships.

For all audio creators

Music. Podcasts. Online radio stations. Audiobooks. The Fanzone is available to content creators of any kind. Build unique relations with the creators you love or get direct support from the fans who truly matter to you.

Key benefits

Fan engagement Fan engagement

The ultimate audio-centric platform

Music needs a one-stop app that can both help creators control all their content and provide fans with a unified music experience.