Winamp NFT initiative

Art submission

Submissions are closed!

20 derivatives will be selected to be sold as Winamp’s NFTs.

If your Art is selected, you will receive 20% of the proceeds from the primary sale of the Art and 10% of the proceeds of secondary sales of the Art NFT. The remaining 80% from the primary sale will go to the Winamp Foundation to be redistributed to charity projects including our first partner,

To participate, you must read and accept the Terms and conditions.

The original Winamp skin will be the base Artwork for all your derivative needs

Frequently asked questions

ETH (Ether) is the native currency built on the Ethereum blockchain. wETH (Wrapped Ether) is a tradable ERC-20 version of ETH. It is widely used by NFT and decentralized platforms to enable features such as auctioning. ETH and WETH are worth exactly the same amount and can be exchanged with one another on a number of platforms or directly on certain crypto wallets.

All 20 selected Derivatives will be sold by Winamp as NFTs at the price of 0.08eth. Resellers will be free to set the resale price of their choice.

For the 20 winners, abstraction made of marketplace service fees and other transaction fees, 20% as creator earnings and 80% for charity via Winamp Foundation.

Abstraction made of marketplace service fees and other transaction fees, 10% of the proceeds from secondary sales are set for Creators earnings (Winamp will keep 10% for redistribution to charity projects; the remaining 80% will go to the reseller). Royalties will be redistributed to You by Winamp on a quarterly basis once it has received proceeds from said sales. Winamp will do its best to keep Royalties denominated in the same monetary unit than the sales (wETH or ETH).  Winamp Derivatives collection smart contract will support EIP2981 Royalty standard. Royalty management is left to platform and marketplaces. No custom work or configuration will be done by Winamp except for base EIP2981 implementation. Winamp trusts marketplaces to implement the standard and take care of second sales royalties. 

There is no whitelist, first arrived, first served.

Sure. Please respect the terms and conditions that apply to any NFT marketplace you use. 

There is no specific roadmap. Winamp reserves itself the right to send perks to owners of official Winamp NFTs.

Congratulations! Your NFT is now part of the official Winamp Derivatives NFT collection, it will be sold by Winamp, proceeds of the primary sales and secondary sales will be distributed as detailed above. 

Rise up fallen Artists! Rise and take your stance again for you Art to win another day! You keep the copyright and all your rights to the Art. We only ask you to grant to Winamp a worldwide, non-exclusive, non-transferable, royalty-free licence to use, copy and display the Art, including on Winamp websites as an example of your creative contribution to the Winamp NFT initiative. We will not disclose nor publish or mint your art without asking for your consent.  


March 16th > April 14th

Submissions are closed!

20 derivatives will be selected to be sold as Winamp’s NFTs.

April 15th > May 15th

Art selection by Winamp team

Submission are closed. Derivatives Art selection by Winamp team.

This summer

Iconic Winamp skin on auction

This summer, the Winamp Foundation will put the original and iconic Winamp skin on auction, as a 1/1 NFT edition.

This summer

Sale of the derivatives

Winamp will sell 20 NFT artworks made by 20 digital artists and derived from the original Winamp skin ("derivatives").

Join the

We envision our remastered audio player to become the ultimate platform for audio enthusiasts. Stay tuned to discover the new Winamp. #SetTheTone

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